History is useful to learn from. In the beginning 21st century it is no more option to fight for religious belief. Actually it has never been, neither in the 12th century nor at any time. Better start spreading love and helping people to develop their personal strengths to find their ways. Listening to each other is the easiest, the quickest and simply most obvious way to achieve peace and harmony.

King Richard discovered great affection to many different musical genres, styles and esthetics. By creating music in so many different directions he tries to express his need for understanding, tolerance and social wisdom. Music can be made in so many different manners but at the same time always express similar human feelings. Sometimes it's just a question of taste. And who is the judge to tell which taste is the right one for the world or just for one particular human being? Don't preferences and interests change again and again in a lifetime?

  album cover What can be said about the first album “debut”?
It's a huge mix of genres and styles, King Richard has helped Manuel to explore and improve his songwriting, singing and producing skills. It's rather meant as a bouquet of musical flowers. Therefor a beautiful bunch of rhododendron flowers from the rhododendron park in Bremen, Germany was chosen as a cover.

Madame Sabotage
  album cover What about the second album “Madame Sabotage”?
The album “Madame Sabotage” is listed with the genre specification Electro Alternative Rock, it contains some electronic tracks, some singer-songwriter-rock-ballads, some experimental sounds and one comedy track. The title song “Madame Sabotage” deals with the illness multiple sclerosis which is personalised as a dominant mistress. In german speaking countries Madame Sabotage is a common synonym, it has the same capitals MS.